Howard Gets a Screener

Howard gives his thoughts on "Sing Street"

April 18, 2016

Howard told Robin that in a rare occurrence he actually received a screener – but it came after the movie had already come out.

Harvey Weinstein sent him a personal note that he thought Howard would like the movie, so he and Beth watched it. The film is called “Sing Street” and they really did enjoy it.

“It was like a John Hughes movie,” Howard described of the style. Gary added that the film opened in only five theaters thus far.

Later, Howard also revealed his movie theater ritual aimed at deterring other people from sitting near him. The last time Howard was forced to actually go to a public theater, he said, was for one of the “Spiderman” movies because he just couldn’t wait. So his method was to wear a dark hoodie, rock back and forth, and curl his hand up while making guttural grunts and noises.

“You have such a bad outlook on people,” Robin groaned.