Bobo Challenges Sal to a Fight

Bobo vs. Sal: Who ya got?

May 9, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Last week Sal Governale came into the studio and absolutely unloaded on Bobo and today we learned of Bobo’s explosion later that day.

“I’m out of my fucking mind with rage!” the Wack Packer seethed in a voicemail to Shuli Egar before officially challenging Sal to a boxing match.

“Now the gloves are off, Sal,” he said. “I’ll fucking pound you to the fucking pavement.”

Evidently though, after all of this transpired, Sal actually apologized in a private message to Bobo. Sal explained that while he doesn’t agree with Bobo’s actions, he felt like he went too far the other day. Moreover, he said Bobo is in great shape for his age and wasn’t sure he’d be able to beat him in a boxing match.

“Guarantee it won’t go past three rounds,” Bobo assured Howard.

Ignoring all advice, Bobo later declared that he had a new question for Howard and was sure it would be a discussion-starter: Do you think Gary Dell’Abate or Fred Norris would have been successful if they had not hooked up with you? What do you think they would be doing?

Both Howard and Gary immediately chided Bobo for the question as it had been a discussion countless times throughout the history of the Stern Show.

“A question would be something you don’t know the answer to,” Robin tried explaining.

“You had five days and you blew it,” Howard told him before taking a few calls from listeners on both sides of the Bobo spectrum.

“He’s dumber than a bag of fucking hammers,” a caller named Dave insisted. Meanwhile, another caller said that while he was not a Bobo fan per se, he was a fan of “laughing [his] ass off” at both the Bobo songs and Fred Norris’ impression of Bobo.

A final listener proposed a new idea for Bobo: “Why doesn’t Bobo take questions from fans, and he can pick the most common/popular questions to ask on a call?”

Survivalist Food Buckets

Before hanging up with Bobo, Howard remembered back to when the gullible Wack Packer was convinced the world was going to end and abandoned his family to come to the Stern Show studio.

Howard also wondered what Bobo ended up doing with all of the survivalist supplies he had been stocking up on in anticipation of the Mayan calendar prophecy.

“When I moved I just gave it away to everybody,” Bobo revealed. The only ones he kept were a bunch of boxes of military glow sticks as well as military rations.

Speaking of survivalist supplies, Howard had Jason order one of the ration boxes televangelist Jim Bakker has been promoting and it arrived recently.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“It’s all sealed for the nuclear holocaust,” Howard told listeners as Gary Dell’Abate lugged it into the studio.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary said it appears to be packages of dried shit. “It all looks like oatmeal,” he noticed.