High Pitch Erik At It Again

Little Mikey says he has been getting threats from the Wack Packer.

June 1, 2016

Renowned song parody artist Little Mikey called in to report that High Pitch Erik had been threatening him recently online just months after getting subjected to the Special People’s Court Gas Chamber (see above) as punishment for threatening Fred the Elephant Boy and only narrowly avoiding criminal charges.

Howard got High Pitch on the phone alongside Little Mikey to explain himself.

“Little Mikey has been playing jokes on me for a long time!” the Wack Packer whined.

Mikey said that he’s been talking to a woman named Lisa whom Erik is obsessed with.

According to Shuli Egar, High Pitch has a really odd thing going on with this woman, among others. “Erik has this really weird possession thing with chicks he’s never going to fuck,” he explained.

Little Mikey confirmed Shuli’s report and clarified that he was even romantically involved with Lisa — they’re just friends.

“I want an apology from Mikey for fucking with me,” Erik maintained, despite the fact that he was the one who seemingly needed to apologize.

The budding feud, for now, isn’t going anywhere.

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