Beth Stern’s New Book ‘Yoda Gets a Buddy’ Available Now

New York Times bestselling author has another real-life story to tell about her and Howard's adopted cats

June 21, 2016
Photo: Getty Images

New York Times bestselling author Beth Stern has a new real-life story to tell in “Yoda Gets a Buddy.” With colorful illustrations by Devin Crane, Beth’s latest book tells the tale of her and Howard’s foster cats, including new addition Buddy the blind kitten. Despite his disability, Buddy thrives in his new home thanks to the love he receives from Yoda and the rest of the Stern pets who accept Buddy for who he is.

All of the author’s proceeds from this book will be donated to North Shore Animal League America and their feline adoption center project, “Bianca’s Furry Friends,” named after Howard and Beth’s beloved dog, Bianca.

Yoda Gets a Buddy” is available now!