JD Harmeyer Is Still Resisting Hit ‘Em With the Hein

But that hasn’t stopped Mary Dell’Abate from adopting it into her lexicon

August 22, 2016

While Hit ‘Em With the Hein has caught fire among fans and sportscasters alike, one of the men responsible for pulling clips for the Stern Show is reportedly resisting the movement.

JD Harmeyer, Howard’s media producer, has pushed back against the catchphrase, according to Gary Dell’Abate. While everyone else listens and laughs, JD – a Jon Hein sympathizer – reportedly just rolls his eyes and makes it clear that pulling the clips pains him.

Howard said that, for him, the phrase has not overtaken Baba Booey and he hasn’t found himself using it in his personal life, but wondered if anyone else had.

Robin admitted that she had in fact begun using it, while Benjy explained that he didn’t use it because he thinks it would sound like he was stealing it, and Fred maintained that he was happy simply using the drop.

Gary revealed that his wife Mary was actually an early adopter of the phrase. He said she uses it constantly and believes that the longer it is, the better it is.

Howard turned to Jon Hein himself to see how he was holding up and was surprised to hear that, despite all of the attention, Jon wished he could snap his fingers and make it all go away. Unfortunately for him, the phrase doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

In the clearest sign that Hit ‘Em With the Hein had made it, Howard played a clip from a Brazzers porn video where the male star can be heard shouting it out mid-coitus. Enjoy the audio (below).