Ronnie Mund Draws the Line at Retweeting Breasts … Sort Of

Howard's limo driver comes under scrutiny for his social media etiquette

August 24, 2016

Ronnie Mund came under fire Wednesday after a caller reignited the conversation about the 66-year-old limo driver’s penchant for retweeting lewd photos of topless women. The caller estimated that Ronnie puts out, on average, 15 of these tweets a day.

“He’s like a filthy Papa Smurf,” Howard joked, noticing that he had already tweeted multiple times early in the morning.

Ronnie exploded that he had done it at 5 a.m.: “That’s my fucking time, ok?”

Howard wanted to know the point of tweeting naked photos, and Ronnie tried to explain that it was just for fun. He attempted shirking responsibility, saying he only retweeted photos from two fans (never posting the originals himself) and also that he had standards – there are never any photos of vaginas.

Fellow Stern Show staffer Brent Hatley immediately stormed into the studio and countered Ronnie’s claims with evidence of numerous photos on Twitter featuring “beaver.”

Ronnie’s use of the devil emoji also came under scrutiny, with Howard referencing a tweet about the Swiss Olympic team and wondering what the creepy emoji commentary meant.

It’s “like a bad boy thing,” Ronnie said.

Howard instructed his head of security to re-watch “The Bodyguard” film and pay special attention to how Kevin Costner’s character prides himself on blending in. Ronnie, conversely, only remembered the part where Costner sleeps with Whitney Houston.