Show Rundown: September 20, 2016

Jeff the Drunk's neck stitched up after lump officially removed

September 20, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Before even hearing Howard’s voice on Tuesday morning, listeners were treated to a proud proclamation from Jeff the Drunk: “I got rid of the fucking lump!”

After a successful surgery at the expense of New York taxpayers, Jeff proudly tweeted a photo of his newly stitched-up throat scar.

“His neck looks like Frankenstein,” Howard marveled.

Jeff explained that he will be going for a follow-up visit once doctors are able to test the lump material to make sure it is totally benign.

Much to Jeff’s chagrin, his Lump called in to assure listeners that he moved elsewhere on Jeff’s body, ominously hinting that he was now in a location no doctor would touch.

To Howard and Robin’s surprise, though, Jeff revealed the operation was not a medical necessity, but a cosmetic preference.

“He’s going to be on the cover of Gross GQ,” the Lump joked.

A caller, meanwhile, wondered if Richard Christy would be willing to lick the disgusting wound for $1,000.

“Yeah, once it heals up a little bit – not while it’s raw,” Richard responded after pondering the offer for a moment.

“Lick away, bitch!” Jeff gleefully told the Stern Show staffer.