Lady Gaga: ‘Previously on the Stern Show’ Quiz

How well do you remember the pop star's past visits with Howard?

October 18, 2016

Lady Gaga returns to the Stern Show Monday morning, ahead of the release of her new studio album “Joanne.” The incomparable singer-songwriter has had some incredible moments during her visits with Howard in the past, from stories of her rise to the top to her stellar on-air live performances. Test how well you remember her Stern Show appearances by playing the Lady Gaga “Previously on the Stern Show” quiz (below) and tune in to Howard 100 to hear Gaga’s return on Monday!

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  • 1. Which Stern Show staffer’s story brought Lady Gaga to tears during her first in-studio appearance in 2011?

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Benjy Bronk

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Robin Quivers

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      High Pitch Mike

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Gary Dell’Abate

  • 2. During a discussion with Howard about how much money she’s made as a musician, Lady Gaga said she put her earnings to good use by paying for the heart surgery of which member of her family?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • Father

    • Cousin

    • Uncle

    • Grandmother

  • 3. Lady Gaga’s hit song “Telephone” was originally recorded but never released by which female pop star?

    • Photo: PR Photos


    • Photo: PR Photos

      Britney Spears

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Katy Perry

    • Photo: PR Photos


  • 4. What was the secret job that Lady Gaga’s first piano teacher kept from her parents? Hint: her long nails were a dead giveaway.

    Photo: iStock
    • Porn Star

    • Stripper

    • Drag Queen

    • Hand Model

  • 5. Lady Gaga is the godmother to which legendary musician’s child?

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Elton John

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Paul Simon

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Bruce Springsteen

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Billy Joel

  • 6. Which college did Lady Gaga tell Howard she attended briefly before dropping out to pursue her music career?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • Berklee College of Music  

    • Fordham University

    • NYU

    • Rutgers University

  • 7. While talking about the frustrations she sometimes faces during her own interviews, Lady Gaga admitted to often reading and watching old interviews of which rock star?

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Janis Joplin

    • Photo: PR Photos

      David Bowie

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Jimi Hendrix

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Paul McCartney

  • 8. In 2011, Howard asked Lady Gaga what the greatest song she ever wrote was. She replied:

    • “Just Dance”

    • “Speechless”

    • “You and I”

    • “Dope”

  • 9. Which musician and former collaborator was Lady Gaga referring to when she told Howard, “When he’s not singing, he’s painting?”

    • Photo: WENN

      R. Kelly

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Tony Bennett

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Colby O’Donis

    • Photo: PR Photos

      Justin Timberlake

  • 10. Lady Gaga told Howard she wrote her song “Born This Way” while doing what?

    • Photo: iStock

      Taking a Shower

    • Photo: iStock

      Flying on an Airplane

    • Photo: iStock

      Riding on a Motorcycle

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Listening to the Howard Stern Show

  • 11. What was the first song Lady Gaga played during her 2011 Stern Show debut?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • “Poker Face”

    • “Bad Romance”

    • “Hair”

    • “Edge of Glory”

  • 12. Lady Gaga told Howard how Taylor Swift once approached her at an award ceremony and praised which of her albums?

    Photo: PR Photos
    • “The Fame”

    • “Artpop”

    • “Born This Way”

    • “Joanne”

  • 13. During her 2013 appearance, Lady Gaga confirmed her hit single “Poker Face” was about bisexuality.

    Photo: RedOne
    • True

    • False

  • 14. During her most recent Stern Show appearance in 2014, Lady Gaga ended her visit by performing a jazz standard, titled what?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • “Lush Life”

    • “Almost Blue”

    • “Just You, Just Me”

    • “Next Stop Pottersville”

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