Remembering Alan Thicke: Actor, Composer, and Former Stern Show Guest

“There was a time when we couldn't get anyone to come on the show and the only one who would come on was Alan Thicke,” Howard said on Wednesday following the entertainer's death

December 14, 2016
Photo: PRPhotos

Actor and former Stern Show guest Alan Thicke died on Tuesday at the age of 69 of a reported heart attack. On Wednesday morning Howard remembered some of his past interviews with Thicke.

“Alan Thicke made many appearances on our show,” Howard said. “There was a time when we couldn’t get anyone to come on the show and the only one who would come on was Alan Thicke.”

Perhaps best known for playing TV dad Dr. Jason Seaver on the hit ABC sitcom “Growing Pains,” Alan was himself a father of three sons, including singer-songwriter Robin Thicke. Alan even once told Howard on air that his son’s music was so good it would someday be played on the Stern Show, a prediction that came true when Robin visited in 2013.

Alan also made a living as a musician, composing the theme songs to sitcoms such as “Diff’rent Strokes,” “The Facts of Life,” and “Hello, Larry.” He also served as a writer on television comedies including “The Richard Pryor Show” and “The Paul Lynde Show.”

Thicke also guest starred on the television series “Son of the Beach,” executive produced by Howard Stern. He appeared on three episodes playing the part of Captain Buck Enteneille.

“He was actually delightful when he worked on ‘Son of the Beach,'” Howard remembered. “He was so nice to us.”