Video: Jimmy Kimmel Closes the Emmys With a ‘Hit ‘Em With the Hein’

What better way to end TV's biggest night than with the newest Stern Show shout-out

September 19, 2016

The 2016 Emmys ended with the Stern Show catchphrase that’s being blurted out everywhere: Hit ’em with the Heeeeeeein! Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted the award ceremony, wrapped up Sunday night’s telecast with a wink to Howard, proving just how big of a superfan he is.

“Wait, don’t leave, there’s more,” Jimmy said. “Well, we did it. We hit ’em with the Hein, we finished before the election came.”

Fellow Stern Show superfan and former girlfriend of Jimmy’s, Sarah Silverman also recently gave a nod to Howard fans everywhere when she closed her much talked about speech at the Democratic National Convention with a “Baba Booey.”

“The highlight was Jimmy, our good friend, yelling out ‘Hit ‘Em With the Hein,'” Howard said of the Emmys on Monday morning’s Stern Show. Howard also noticed that Jon Hein, the man that the Hit ‘Em With the Hein catchphrase was created for, thanked Kimmel on Twitter, despite coming out against the saying on several occasions. Jon explained that it’s all about the speaker’s intent.

“Jimmy was doing a shout-out to the show, clearly,” Jon told Howard.

Jason Kaplan, who’s responsible for boosting the popularity of Hit ‘Em With the Hein, came into the studio to talk about Kimmel’s shout-out. “One of the reasons it has become so big is because Jon hates it so much,” Jason said.

Watch Jimmy hit Hollywood with the Hein in the video (above).

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