Finally, Sour Shoes Calls the Stern Show After Several Months Away

Hear the Wack Packer’s latest voicemails … as Gary Dell’Abate, of course

January 4, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It’s been radio silence from Sour Shoes for the past several months but the Wack Packer and impressionist extraordinaire has finally called up the Stern Show again. On New Year’s Day, Sour left a series of voicemails using his popular Gary Dell’Abate impersonation and even after being away for so long, his voice is still spot on.

“Hello, hello. Wow. George Michael. What do you say?” Sour Shoes said as Gary before telling a long story about having the British pop star on the Stern Show decades ago.

“I gotta say, I laughed hard when I heard that. And I was happy to hear him again,” Howard said. Sour Shoes recently reached out to Howard and Robin through the mail, too, sending them both a Christmas card.

Sour Shoes also left a second voicemail of him singing George Michael’s hit “I Want Your Sex” as Gary. Howard and Robin speculated perhaps it’s Sour’s parents who are restricting him from calling the show.

“Notice he doesn’t call the show live anymore,” Howard said.

“He obviously loves us. He’s writing personal notes and Christmas cards,” Robin added. Hopefully the Stern Show hears from Sour Shoes a lot more in 2017.

Hear the latest voicemail from Sour Shoes (below).