VIDEO: Watch Suzanne ‘Underdog’ Muldowney’s Latin Christmas Concert

Even Mr. Shuli shows up for a special cameo appearance

January 4, 2017

Fans of Underdog received a special gift this holiday season – a Christmas concert of her singing songs in Latin. Underdog, whose real name is Suzanne Muldowney, appeared on the New York City public access series Checkerboard Kids and performed several carols. She explained why she chooses to sing these Christmas songs in Latin.

“It goes back to my high school days,” Suzanne said. “Before we had Christmas vacation we always had a nativity pageant and a formal dinner immediately afterwards. As part of the dinner’s agenda the different language classes had to sing standard carols in their respective languages.” According to Underdog, she was “a whiz” at singing in Latin even back then.

Scroll ahead to 11:32 for a special walk-on appearance from the Stern Show’s own Shuli Egar who gets Underdog to discuss the true reason for the season and why she only sings songs that have to do with the nativity.

“Remember, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus,” Underdog explained. “There’s too much emphasis on the wrong things like shopping and expensive gifts and especially too much emphasis on Santa Claus.”

Watch Underdog’s Latin Christmas concert (above).