When Craig Ferguson First Met Mick Jagger He Couldn’t Help but Say ‘Oh, You’re Adorable’

“He’s little, he’s a tiny little guy,” comedian says of Rolling Stones frontman

March 28, 2017

During their interview on Tuesday’s Stern Show, Howard asked Craig Ferguson about the many jobs he’s had in Hollywood throughout his career, including being hired by Paramount Pictures to pen the screenplay for a movie idea Mick Jagger had.

“It’s about a rock star and a roadie and they swap places,” Craig said of the film’s premise while impersonating the Rolling Stones frontman. “Basically, it was ‘The Prince and the Pauper.'”

Craig had to meet up with Mick so the two could discuss the script. The rock star was out on tour, though, so Craig jetted to Istanbul for his first face-to-face sit-down with Jagger at his hotel.

“I was so excited to meet him,” Craig said. “And he opened the door of the suite and the first time I see him, he’s little. He’s a tiny little guy. And I said to him, I didn’t know why I said it, I said, ‘Oh, you’re adorable!'”

Craig eventually wrote two drafts of the screenplay, but Mick didn’t like what he saw and fired Ferguson. “But he was nice about it. He got his assistant to do it,” Craig told Howard.

Hear more about Craig Ferguson’s time with Mick Jagger (below).