Exclusive Videos: Adam Sandler’s ‘Sandy Wexler’ Is a Loveable Hollywood Loser

Vanilla Ice, Louie Anderson, and Gary Dell’Abate take pity on Adam’s new Netflix character

April 12, 2017
Photo: Netflix

Adam Sandler was back on the Stern Show Wednesday morning ahead of the premiere of his new Netflix movie “Sandy Wexler” which hits the streaming site on Friday. Check out two exclusive clips from Adam’s latest flick (below).

The first features our own Gary Dell’Abate chatting with other celebs about the depressing personal life of Adam’s character Sandy. “It was sad. It seemed like he didn’t have any friends, right?” Gary asks in the clip while standing next to comedian Louie Anderson.

“He had no friends,” Louie responds.

Vanilla Ice, Penn Jillette, and Dr. Drew Pinsky also make cameos.

However, in the second exclusive look at “Sandy Wexler” our lovable loser appears to be seconds away from scoring with Jane Seymour, who hovers over Adam wearing only a sexy négligée.

“A woman yearns for a man’s touch,” Jane’s character tells Mr. Wexler. “Are you a man, Sandy?”

“I don’t know. I was bar mitzvah-ed but that was a long time ago,” Adam answers in the video.

Check out both scenes from “Sandy Wexler” in the exclusive clips (above).