Sal Governale Wants People to Get Out of Politics

Stern Show staffer offers some seemingly contradictory advice

May 16, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

What was originally billed as a debate between Brent Hatley and Sal Governale instead turned into an exploration of the latter Stern Show staffer’s strong beliefs Monday morning when he revealed some surprising and seemingly contradicting theories on American politics.

Read on below for some of the advice Sal offered.

On Politics

“Do you want this country to succeed? Get out of politics … Don’t get involved in politics. Let people do their goddamn jobs. Mind your own business.”

But …

“If you have a specific agenda, by all means, fight for it.”

How Should You Know When to Mind Your Own Business?

“You just should. Period.”

Should We Worry About Healthcare?

“No! We shouldn’t!”

What About the Environment?

“When I was in seventh grade they were talking about the ozone. ‘You shouldn’t use hairspray.’ Guess what? It’s been 35 years later, the fucking ozone is fine.”

In Conclusion

“Get involved when it’s passionate specifically to you and to your loved ones. Otherwise, go to work and be a good person to everybody … Leave it up to the politicians.”