Show Rundown: May 22, 2017

Howard remembers Chris Cornell, plus Brent Hatley seeks to make a citizen's arrest

May 22, 2017

Good Morning Everybody!

Monday’s show opened to a somber tune as Howard sang the lyrics to “Black Hole Sun” in tribute to the late Chris Cornell, who was found dead on Thursday.

Howard said that he couldn’t get the lyrics out of his head all weekend, but could only remember one line from the song: “Black Hole Sun, won’t you come, and take away the rain.” As a result, when he went on a walk with his wife, Beth, he kept singing it under his breath to the point that she asked him to stop. “I think I really bother her,” he added.

“You’re unaware of what should be done when you’re only alone,” Robin said with a laugh.

Despite Howard’s prompts to call Beth so that he could see if his singing really annoyed her, Gary Dell’Abate declined, referencing the recent “Name Game” clash.

Nevertheless, Beth took to Twitter in order to clarify her feelings, explaining: “I actually love his singing. It’s when he repeats the same lyrics over and over and over…. #annoying”

Also over the weekend Howard, watched the highly rated “Saturday Night Live” season finale as the show bid farewell to Bobby Moynihan, Vanessa Bayer, and Sasheer Zamata, who announced they would be pursuing other opportunities after nine, seven, and four seasons, respectively.

“I thought there were some was some real funny stuff,” Howard praised.