Show Rundown: June 13, 2017

Jim Carrey talks his new Showtime series “I'm Dying Up Here”

June 13, 2017

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got sidetracked early Tuesday morning after receiving a report from the back office that Scott “The Engineer” Salem was​ alone and screaming in his office 15 minutes before the show began. But was the story true?

Scott strongly denied the claim and asked his accuser to show their face in the studio.

Stern Show staffer Steve Brandano owned up to the allegation and even doubled down. “I have the office next to Scott’s,” he explained. “It was so weird that I had to ask what was up … It was unmistakably Scott yelling.”

Howard was inclined to believe Steve as he seemed to have no reason to make up the story, but Scott was adamant in his denial. “I was not yelling,” he said.

Gary Dell’Abate mentioned he received additional reports that Scott sometimes yells at the replay of the show on his radio, so he wondered if that might have been the case.

The mystery continues …