Play Now: ‘Does Tan Mom Know the Answer?’ Game

See if you can guess what the sun-kissed Wack Packer said when asked these general knowledge questions

August 7, 2017

Stern Show superfans have fallen in love with the one and only Tan Mom. The bronze-skinned Wack Packer is never afraid to say whatever is on her mind. When staffer Sal Governale sat her down and asked some general knowledge questions, Tan Mom answered as only she can. See if you can guess how she replied when asked the following questions. Remember, you’re selecting what you think Tan Mom said!

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  • 1. What is 50 percent of 500?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • 250

    • 5,000

  • 2. How many donuts are there in a baker’s dozen?

    Photo: iStock
    • 13

    • 12

  • 3. What does fornicate mean?

    Photo: iStock
    • Planting flowers

    • Making love

  • 4. Who gave the United States the Statue of Liberty?

    Photo: iStock
    • France

    • Lincoln

  • 5. How many cards are in a standard deck of playing cards?

    Photo: iStock
    • 52

    • 24

  • 6. What does C.I.A. stand for?

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    • Certified Intelligence Agents

    • Central Intelligence Agency

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