Wrap Up Show: David Alan Grier Talks Game Show Hosting Duties and His Wack Pack Fantasy

Actor and comedian discusses “Snap Decision,” Sour Shoes, and King of All Blacks

August 8, 2017
Photo: Getty Images

Actor, comedian, and now game show host David Alan Grier stopped by the Wrap Up Show on Tuesday to talk about his new gig and also offer a few thoughts about the Wack Pack.

Grier recently premiered as the host of “Snap Decision” on the Game Show Network and told the guys that Howard is right in his assertion that game show jobs offer a great opportunity. “It really is fun, I have to tell you,” David said. “No gig has paid me faster,” he added.

David explained that he shoots five shows a day during filming, starting at 10:30 a.m. and leaving by 3 p.m. “We do it in the moment and move right on,” he told Wrap Up Show co-host Jon Hein.

While he wasn’t interested in rebooting a classic game show, David said he is a big fan of “Match Game” and “Let’s Make A Deal”—and he even once competed on an episode of “Rock & Roll Jeopardy!” Though he ultimately lost to actress Yasmine Bleeth, David told Jon that he’d be willing to face Gary Dell’Abate in Stump the Booey under the condition that they were only asked questions ranging from the mid-‘60s to the ‘80s. “If you confined it to that, I would go against Gary,” he said before acknowledging that the Stern Show executive producer has “nerd knowledge” when it comes to music.

Another person with musical nerd knowledge is Wack Packer and master Gary-impressionist Sour Shoes.

“Sour Shoes is an evil genius,” Grier praised. “I could listen to him all day long.”

Sour wasn’t the only Wack Packer who fascinated David, either. “I do have some fantasies,” he confessed. “I would love to see Angry Alice and King of All Blacks on a blind date or ‘Bachelor’-type situation,” he explained. “They may not make it to the appetizers.”

While King of All Blacks recently “won” the “Annoying Caller” poll against Bobo, David maintained that, if it were up to him, the trash-talking former garbage man would be kept around. “I grew up with dudes like that … You need somebody like that in your crew,” he said. Rahsaan Rogers (once again) disagreed.

Before leaving, David also sounded off on the “injustice” of Michael Rapaport getting ousted from the Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League. “I love Michael Rapaport. I just like him fucking with you guys,” he said. “I just like the way he rattles the cage.”

Catch David Alan Grier on “Snap Decision” Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on the Game Show Network.