Howard’s Huge Birthday Present to Robin Quivers Is One She’s Sure to Enjoy

“I couldn’t even get it out of the box,” the Stern Show co-host says of the gift she received from the King of All Media

August 14, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Robin Quivers celebrated her birthday on Aug. 8 and Howard wanted to give his longtime co-host a gift she was sure to enjoy. But what do you get the woman who seemingly has everything?

“I’m really racking my brain … then it dawned on me,” Howard said on Monday’s Stern Show about the thought he put into Robin’s present. Of course, he bought her new wind chimes.

Back in May, Robin revealed on the air she was the proud owner of several wind chimes, even though she famously poked fun at receiving wind chimes during the 2007 office Secret Santa.

“She’s got like seven wind chimes on that property of hers,” Howard said. But none in her collection are quite like the ones she received for her birthday. “I find wind chimes that are so fucking big,” he continued. “It’s like a gong.”

“They’re as tall as a human being,” Robin said with a laugh. “I couldn’t even get it out of the box.”

Robin’s new massive chimes came wrapped in blankets and are already hanging from a tree in her yard. However, due to their substantial size, Robin had to remove a few of the tree’s branches in order to hang the chimes from a strong enough limb.

“It’s a beautiful wind chime – dresses up my whole yard,” she said.