Jeff the Drunk Says He Quit Smoking Cigarettes Cold Turkey

Wack Packer vows to stay strong after a trip to the hospital

August 14, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jeff the Drunk called in to the Stern Show Monday morning and gave an update on his health after feeling under the weather recently and ultimately spending six days in the hospital.

“I have COPD,” the Wack Packer informed Howard. “They sent me home with oxygen,” he added before clarifying that it was only for “as-needed.”

As a result of the diagnosis, Jeff—who has been an avid smoker for years—said he has made the decision to quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey. It won’t be the first time he took the difficult step, either. “I’ve done it before,” he asserted confidently.

Luckily, the hospital visit wasn’t all bad, though. Jeff confessed that he enjoyed getting washed by one of the nurses, telling Howard: “It was nice.”