Show Rundown: November 16, 2017

Howard is live on a Thursday to interview the one and only Robin Quivers

November 16, 2017

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As Howard’s gift to America, the Stern Show was live on a Thursday for the first time in years and joining the King of All Media in studio were Robin and Fred, of course, in addition to staffers Gary Dell’Abate, Jason Kaplan, Ronnie Mund, Sal Governale, JD Harmeyer, Brent Hatley, Shuli Egar, and even the Lump who all sat around a horseshoe-shaped table.

“It looks like a police lineup,” Howard joked.

As Ronnie walked into the studio, JD let out one of his signature whoops, which seemed to irk the limo driver. “That’s all he does,” Ronnie said.

“Ronnie makes me happy, what can I say?” JD explained of his outburst.

Ronnie also pointed out that the show marked his 32nd anniversary working with Howard, going back to the very first K-Rock show. The two agreed they’ve enjoyed all 32 years together, but Howard joked that he did like it better when Ronnie didn’t have a Twitter account.

Ronnie’s anniversary led Howard to look back on his time with Fred Norris, as well. With 38 years under their belt dating back to the Hartford days, Fred is Howard’s longest-running radio companion. “It just amazes me to this day,” Fred said.

Brent asserted that Fred is the most underrated man in radio, but a humble Fred wouldn’t have it. “I am part of the Howard Stern program and that’s as far as it goes. I take no great credit or anything like that,” he said.