PHOTOS: Sal Governale Shows Up to Work With an Uneven, Self-Administered Spray Tan

See the Stern Show staffer’s altered appearance

December 5, 2017
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Sal Governale’s beauty routine has been well documented over the years, but on Tuesday the Stern Show staffer showed up with a new look that caught Howard’s attention.

Noticing rings of color around Sal’s eyes, Howard questioned whether he got a spray tan with goggles on.

“Oh, you could tell?” Sal asked, surprised. “I spray tanned this morning … I did it myself.”

Things didn’t quite go according to plan, though. “I had too much around my eyes, so I grabbed a towel and I started patting over my eyes and now I look like I have reverse raccoon eyes,” he explained.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In trying to show off his tan, Sal lifted his shirt, exposing another attempt at beautification — his chest was barren of any hair. Sal again had an explanation.

“I always shave my whole chest … because Ed Torian said that I have tits like a farm animal and it’s the shadowing from the hair that goes underneath [my nipples],” he said.

The comment was in reference to a call Ed made to the Stern Show after performing a gay lie detector test on the shirtless staffer in 2016.

“He’s got a horrible looking chest,” Ed noted at the time. “He’s got, like, farm animal tits.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Despite the ribbing, Sal was appreciative to Howard for bringing it to his attention. “Thank you for being honest because I thought I looked good,” he said.