AUDIO: Bobo Learns How to Pronounce the Yiddish Word ‘Schmendrick’

“We could be here all day,” Robin Quivers exclaims as the frequent Stern Show caller struggles to speak

December 12, 2017
Photo: Twitter

Not a Stern Show goes by that frequent phone caller Bobo doesn’t dial up Howard to ask him a few questions. On Tuesday morning Bobo inquired about the meaning of the word “schmendrick,” a Yiddish term he’s heard Howard say on the air before. The only problem: he had no clue how to pronounce it.

“What’s a ‘scrembrick?’” Bobo asked over the phone.

It took a moment for Howard to realize what Bobo was trying to say. He then tried teaching him the proper pronunciation, but Bobo just couldn’t get the word correct. Even after Howard attempted to break it down syllable by syllable, Bobo still struggled to say it right.

“We could be here all day,” Robin Quivers said as Bobo kept repeating the wrong pronunciation.

Check out audio of Bobo learning how to say “schmendrick” (below).