Bobo Says He’s Studying ‘Centrifugal Force’ Ahead of His Race Against Ronnie Mund

“He has no idea what he’s talking about,” Howard’s limo driver fires back at his future competitor

January 9, 2018
Photo: Twitter

Bobo did a bit of engine revving on Tuesday’s Stern Show, telling Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund he’s been studying the racetrack the two might soon face off on, the Pocono “Tricky Triangle” Raceway. Not only has Bobo been reading up on the track’s turns, he’s examined the science behind successfully driving the speedway.

“I’m studying my stats for Pocono Raceway. I’ve been watching videos and a lot of it is what I taught in the classroom about centrifugal force,” Bobo said in a voicemail to Howard this week. “I’m concerned with actually turn number three. I did some reviewing of that and it’s at six degrees and it’s a sharp, sharp turn and it requires heavy braking from my knowledge and a possible gear change.”

Bobo even tweeted out one of the videos he’s been watching in preparation for his race with Ronnie:

“He has no idea what he’s talking about,” Ronnie said with a laugh after hearing Bobo’s message.

As always, Bobo was waiting on hold so Howard picked up on him and gave him a chance to further explain the research he’s been doing. He’s so confident his homework will pay off come race time that Bobo all but guaranteed his victory over Ronnie.

“The only edge you got on me is that you probably were privy to this track and you ran it a few times, but once I get under the tutelage of them over there … I’m gonna smoke you,” Bobo declared.

“All I know is, I’ve seen Ronnie drive for years — he’s a fucking madman. I wouldn’t want to race him,” Howard warned his longtime caller.

Stay tuned to find out when the checkered flag will be dropped on Ronnie and Bobo’s one-on-one race.