Ronnie Mund Finally Found a Video So Shocking Even He Won’t Watch It

Plus, Howard’s limo driver debates the semantics of a threesome

January 23, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund has been on a mad tear in the Stern Show office lately between giving his co-workers porn watching tips and begrudgingly admitting how many adult film stars and X-rated sites he follows on Twitter. On Tuesday, the sexed-up 68-year-old shocked everyone, though, when he announced he had come across a video on the internet that was too dirty for even him to watch.

He described how the video started off promising with a girl on a bed, but he said it quickly took a turn for the worse as her butt was opened with a speculum and filled with cereal and milk before another woman ate it out of her.

“It sounds like he watched the whole thing,” Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer said with a laugh.

“Once she started putting the spoon in her ass, I was done,” Ronnie corrected.

While eating cereal out of a woman may not be on their bucket lists, in-studio staff panelists Steve Nowicki and Memet Walker told Howard they did both strive to one day have a threesome and wondered if Ronnie had ever—like his parents—gotten the opportunity.

“One time … You got to set some kind of ground rules,” he offered as a tip, explaining that for his “main” girl at the time it meant he couldn’t go all the way with the other woman. “Sometimes you can’t fuck the other girl … you could do everything else.”

Memet was incredulous and challenged whether Ronnie’s experience could even be considered a threesome. Brent Hatley, a veteran of several threesomes himself, echoed the opinion.

“I got to play with her, she got to play with me, she got to play with her. It was bouncing back and forth everywhere,” Ronnie argued. “I went along with rules and I had a great time.”

Memet was complimentary of the experience but stuck to his position. “You had a two-and-a-half-some,” he concluded.

Steve, Gary Dell’Abate, Richard Christy, Sal Governale, JD, and Jason Kaplan, meanwhile, all voted that Ronnie’s experience would indeed be considered a threesome.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Unsurprisingly, Benjy Bronk chimed in from outside the studio with his opinion, which was similar to Memet’s. Yet Benjy did surprise the staff with a revelation that he had, in fact, participated in an official threesome himself at one point.

“It’s a man’s world,” Gary joked in response.

Do you think Ronnie’s experience can be considered a threesome? Let us know!