VIDEO: Atlanta Traffic Reporter Sneaks in a Stern Show Reference Live on the Air

Superfan Mark Arum's shout-out is so good, even Soupy Sales would like it

January 25, 2018

Now here’s something even Soupy Sales would like.

Traffic reporter Mark Arum snuck in a subtle Stern Show reference while live on Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News this week. He warned his viewers about a morning backup by telling them, “I-I-I don’t like delays on the Stone Mountain Freeway.”

Check out the video (above).

To the ears of any superfan watching at home, Mark was clearly imitating an old clip of Soupy that’s been played on the Stern Show for years and is often imitated by Howard himself. Arum later tweeted out the video of his on air shout-out with the hashtag #SoupySales, just in case there was any confusion.

Well done, Mark. Soupy may not have liked “talking chairs” or “talking clocks” but chances are he would’ve enjoyed your on-air ode to him.

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