Show Rundown: January 30, 2018

Howard mulls growing out his beard

January 30, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: Getty Images/The Howard Stern Show

While he has sported stubble from time to time, Howard revealed on Tuesday he’s considering growing out his facial hair for a new look. “I’m actually thinking of growing one of those crazy fucking beards,” he told Robin.

If he did, Howard would be in good company amongst recent Stern Show guests like Grammy-winner Chris Stapleton and late-night talk legend David Letterman.

When he visited in August, Letterman told Howard the impetus behind his own headline-grabbing mass of facial hair. “Honest to god, I got so tired of shaving every day,” he said.

Stapleton had a similar explanation for his beard. “It’s probably just laziness,” he admitted during his June interview.

Howard wondered if having a beard would make him more handsome, as he recalled a friend in college who conversely got less attractive when he shaved his face bare.

Comedy icon Jim Carrey seemed to be of the same mind when he called in to the show in June after just shaving off his bushy companion. “My brush is gone. Now I’m this freaky, no chin dude,” he joked.

Stay tuned to see if Howard is ready to throw away his razors.