The Wrap Up Show Live From Minnesota Ahead of Super Bowl LII

Co-hosts Jon Hein and Gary Dell'Abate broadcast from Mall of America

February 2, 2018
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The Wrap Up Show braved the Minnesota cold to broadcast live from Super Bowl LII’s Radio Row on Friday. Co-hosts Jon Hein and Gary Dell’Abate brought on a slew of celebrity guests to talk Sunday’s big game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles as well as everything that’s happened recently on the Stern Show.

Check out the highlights of the Wrap Up Show’s special Super Bowl broadcast (below).

Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg

Get excited, High Pitch Erik!

“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg dropped by the Wrap Up Show with wife and SiriusXM host Jenny McCarthy. The two Stern Show regulars filled listeners in on something that happened off the air leading up to the memorable appearance Donnie made back in December when he allowed his biggest fan High Pitch Erik to grab his ass.

“Can I just tell something most people probably don’t know,” Jenny said. She went on to explain how Gary sent her the original email pitching the bit about High Pitch getting his Christmas wish, only he mistakenly told her the Stern Show wanted Erik to get a handful of Mark Wahlberg, not Donnie.

“I knew they were gonna fuck me on this,” Gary said with a laugh.

“We knew what he meant,” Donnie said, who added he replied to Gary’s email saying he’d be happy to participate and signed it “not Mark.”

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Aside from working together on the Stern Show, Donnie has also gotten High Pitch some work as an extra on “Blue Bloods,” but it sounds like the Wack Packer might soon be able to get a bigger role on the CBS drama. “I have an incentive for High Pitch,” Donnie announced on Friday. “He now has to lose the weight to have a speaking line in the show.”

Wahlberg added he’d like Erik’s goal to be between 215 and 240 pounds – only then will he get his first line of dialogue. Stay tuned to see if Detective High Pitch gets to speak on “Blue Bloods.”

Check out Jenny and Donnie’s full interview in the video (above).

Bob & Jonathan Kraft

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It’s fair to say the next guests who stopped by the Wrap Up Show know who they’ll be rooting for during Sunday’s matchup. Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his son Jonathan Kraft visited with Jon and Gary for the second year in a row after appearing on last year’s Super Bowl broadcast from Houston.

New England is looking to win their second straight championship and their sixth Super Bowl overall. Stats like that are why Al Michaels is expected to refer to the Patriots as a “dynasty” while calling the game on NBC, with the current propositional bet putting the over/under on him doing that at 2.5 times. Bob Kraft told Jon and Gary he’s all for Mr. Michaels referring to his team as such.

“We want him to say ‘dynasty,’” Bob said with a laugh.

Another prop bet being put out by linemakers is the color of the liquid that gets dumped on the winning coach’s head. Should the Pats repeat, the Krafts say there’s no telling what will be dripping down Bill Belichick since they don’t discriminate when it comes to Gatorade flavors.

“All the colors of Gatorade are equally acceptable,” Jonathan joked.

To bring another championship banner home to Foxboro, Mass., would be a dream come true for the Krafts, albeit one they’ve already experienced several times before. Still, Jonathan made it clear he and his dad are just as thrilled to have their team back in the Super Bowl as they were when Tom Brady led the Patriots to their first title game back in 2002.

“We just feel very fortunate and I’ll tell you, we never take it for granted and it certainly doesn’t get old,” the younger Kraft told Jon and Gary.

Check out the video (above) to see the Krafts’ appearance on the Wrap Up Show.

Louie Anderson

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Minnesota native Louie Anderson sat down with Jon and Gary and told them the cold air doesn’t bother him at all, despite below-zero temperatures on Friday.

“I think you get used to it,” Louie told them. “I was always the kid who had no hat, no scarf.”

While the comedian grew up in St. Paul he’s lived in Los Angeles for a while now. Gary asked Louie about which sports teams he supports, since it’s Howard opinion that one should always back the teams in the city they currently live rather than the teams of their hometown.

“I think you can be both,” Louie replied. “Like, I’m a Lakers fan and I’m a Timberwolves fan.”

As a personal friend of Magic Johnson’s, it makes sense why Louie would be a Lakers fan, not to mention the NBA team originated in Minnesota before relocating to L.A. When he’s not watching pro sports, Louie can be seen playing Zach Galifianakis’s mom on the FX comedy “Baskets.” The series, which started its third season in January, earned Louie his first Emmy back in 2016.