PHOTOS: Richard Christy Shaves His Eyebrows Along With His Head

Plus, Benjy Bronk suffers from extra red skin on his face

February 7, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While Richard Christy sported near-waist-length hair when he first came to work for the Stern Show, those days are long gone. On Wednesday, Howard told listeners he observed the balding staffer receiving head-shaving tips from Brent Hatley, who long ago embraced his own hair’s mortality.

“I started getting the skullet, that’s when I cut my hair,” Richard confessed, explaining how the top of his head lacked volume while the back grew out.

Richard Christy's hair in 2005 Richard Christy’s hair in 2005 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Due to a patchy shave job, though, Howard noted he looked “more peculiar than normal,” adding it wasn’t the only difference on his head.

“I knew there was something off, I couldn’t place it,” Howard said. It didn’t take long for him to figure out what was going on, though: Richard had shaved his eyebrows.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“I was starting to look like George Whipple,” the trimmed-up staffer justified. “I like it. It’s comfortable.”

Richard wasn’t the only one turning heads in the office this week, either. Benjy Bronk was seen with a particularly blotchy red face on Tuesday.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“It was worse than usual,” Fred Norris observed.

Benjy explained that it did hurt yesterday but he was unsure of the cause. He even consulted a dermatologist who offered him steroids, but Benjy refused the treatment. “It’s usually not that bad,” he said.

Fred hypothesized that it had something to do with the fan Benjy mentioned keeping by his bedside. “If he does have rosacea … wind can bring that on,” he explained.

Benjy said he wouldn’t be able to give that up, though. “The sound of the fan and the air seems to help me get to sleep,” he told Howard.