Show Rundown: March 26, 2018

Howard, Robin, Gary, and Fred go to a performance of Bruce Springsteen's hit Broadway play

March 26, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

SiriusXM treated subscribers to an exclusive performance of Bruce Springsteen’s hit Broadway play on Wednesday and in attendance were Howard, Robin, Gary Dell’Abate and even Fred Norris.

Despite having seen it once before, both Howard and Gary said on Monday’s Stern Show that they enjoyed Bruce’s performance just as much the second time around, if not more.

“Halfway through the show, my wife goes, ‘Is it as good as it was the first time?’ And I go, ‘I don’t know how it is, but it’s better,'” Gary said.

Robin, who saw the show for the first time, also had rave reviews for Springsteen, telling Howard she “absolutely loved it.”

And while the Stern Show’s executive producer has been known to spend countless hours talking about the Boss, it was Sour Gary Dell’Abate who got the last word on Monday. Wack Packer Sour Shoes called in with his spot-on impression of Gary to talk all things Springsteen. Hear a clip of his call (below).