Bobo Provides a ‘Treasure Trove’ of Report Cards Documenting His Successes and Failures in School

“Steve is a constant source of aggravation," one teacher’s note reads

May 8, 2018
Photo: Twitter

After undergoing a pop spelling and vocabulary test on the Stern Show last week, Bobo took it upon himself to send a “treasure trove” of his report cards to Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate to provide more insight into his intellectual development.

“Last week I get 18 emails from him in a row … I mean, this guy throws nothing away—report cards from third grade, pictures of the school,” Gary described to Howard.

Scanning through the various years, Gary read off Bobo’s grades, which included a mix of primarily B’s, C’s, and D’s. Based on the reports, he seemed to particularly struggle with comprehension, spelling, and physical education, but improved over the years in social studies and math.

Adding insult to injury, one junior high school teacher opted to write an especially harsh comment alongside the grades. “Steve is a constant source of aggravation. He has failed two tests. Also failed to make up a test when absent,” Gary read aloud. The teacher also marked Bobo as “unsatisfactory” in homework and class participation.

Considering the remarks were not exactly stellar, Howard wondered why Bobo’s mother decided to save all of the documentation.

“She wanted me just to look at it, so when I did good in life, I could look back at how I struggled and I did better, which I did. Look at all I achieved,” Bobo triumphantly declared.

For his part, Bobo blamed his problems in school on an incident in sixth grade where a teacher slammed his head into a wall for talking during an air raid drill, per his recollection.