PHOTOS: See Tan Mom’s Post-Lip Injection Appearance Ahead of Her Pay-Per-View Beauty Battle

The Wack Packer is set to receive a makeover as part of the event

June 20, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tan Mom has previously squared off against opponents like MILF Mom and Kayla Vos in the Stern Show studio, but on June 25 she will face a new kind of adversary going by the name “Pale Mom.”

The Wack Packer and her foe will serve as models for makeup artists competing in Beauty Battle NJ, a pay-per-view event to see who can provide the best makeover in only 30 minutes.

Tan Mom has been receiving some treatments, including lip injections, to complement her bronzed skin tone ahead of the actual event. According to an Instagram post by the woman who reportedly treated her, Tan Mom received two syringes of a product called Juvéderm to add “volume” to her lips.

Scroll through the photos in the post (below).

Howard and Robin were taken aback by the noticeable swelling (below), but Tan Mom assured them on Wednesday it was only temporary. “It has to swell down. I just got it yesterday,” she said.

Stay tuned to see how Tan Mom looks after her full makeover.