Here’s What JD Harmeyer Is Doing for His Bachelor Party

Not everyone from the Stern Show will be attending, though

July 23, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Though there are few details about JD Harmeyer’s actual wedding being shared, the Stern Show staffer did tell Howard what he has planned for his upcoming bachelor party. Those lucky enough to attend just received their invitation recently even though the scheduled celebration is only days away. Co-organizer Jon Hein explained the reason he sent the invites out so late was due to JD stalling on who should be there that night.

“Listen, I’ve never done this before,” JD told Howard, adding he wasn’t sure if there was a protocol for how many people should attend. “I don’t know all this stuff.”

The bachelor party is being broken up into two parts: a group dinner followed by a night out at a nearby strip club. Jason Kaplan will be there and he read off the list of food being served at dinner, including mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, grilled vegetables, French fries, cookies, nuts and fruits, soft drinks, chicken parmesan, and pasta.

“I’ll guarantee you that vegetable platter goes untouched,” Howard joked. “I’ve seen this crew eat.”

In total, 20 guys are expected to join JD for his big night out, though some are opting to skip the strip club portion of the evening.

“I’m not going to the strip club,” Jon Hein revealed on air. “I’m throwing the dinner part, Ronnie’s throwing the strip club part.”

Stern Show staffer Jon Hein Stern Show staffer Jon Hein Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Benjy Bronk is also only attending the dinner since he has an improv class the next day and wants to make sure he’s well rested and ready to go for it.

Several of JD’s Stern Show co-workers have to miss his bachelor party completely. Gary Dell’Abate, Sal Governale, and Howard himself have previous engagements while Richard Christy has to stay home and watch his son Carson since his wife is already going out that night. Perhaps the most surprising person not coming, though, is JD’s own brother who’s unable to travel to the city for the event.

“It’s fine. I will see him at the wedding,” JD said.

“Oh he’s invited?” Gary said with a laugh.

“Yeah, unlike us who got uninvited,” Ronnie added.