Sal Governale Takes Aim at Gary Dell’Abate’s Retirement Plan: ‘He Says He Dreams About Napping’

Stern Show staffer dedicates his time on the in-studio panel to poking fun at his co-worker

July 23, 2018

With the Stern Show staff panel gathered once again in the studio Monday morning, Howard turned first to Sal Governale, who was teed up with a few clips to poke fun at Gary Dell’Abate.

While Sal has been making fun of the Stern Show executive producer in earnest since before he was even an official employee, the former stockbroker once again proved there was no lack of material for his ridicule.

The latest round of tape he had to play began with Gary’s recent trip to BottleRock, a music and food festival held in Napa Valley, California. Looking to top his 2017 appearance, Gary reportedly signed on this year to appear on a cooking stage and parody his infamously bad first pitch alongside Major League Baseball legends Ken Griffey Jr. and Barry Bonds.

Thankfully, Bonds scrapped the bit at the last minute and instead Gary simply offered some commentary on a massive tuna.

“He went to BottleRock to watch a giant tuna fish get chopped up,” Sal summed up. “What is he doing? Why is he wasting his time?”

Next up, Sal had pulled tape of a comment Gary made on the Wrap Up Show while discussing what he would do in retirement.

“He goes on Wrap Up and he says he dreams about napping, like that’s his fantasy,” Sal described incredulously. “The last person in the world who should say they want a nap is somebody who got busted napping at work,” he continued in reference to the 2010 incident when Gary was caught with his eyes closed in the office.

Sal imitating Gary in 2010 Sal imitating Gary in 2010 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While Gary tried to rationalize his dream, even Wrap Up Show co-host Jon Hein felt the choice was a bit odd. “I was surprised,” he admitted.

The final clip Sal wanted to highlight was Gary’s description of a recent party he attended in Los Angeles. “It was a record party,” Sal teased. “Out of all the things to do in L.A. … this guy sits down and he plays records.”

Gary Dell'Abate's vinyl collection Gary Dell’Abate’s vinyl collection Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary further explained attendees were required to bring a piece of vinyl with them to play and this specific evening had a “city” theme for the songs. Admittedly looking to impress his fellow music enthusiasts, Gary took his Chuck Berry box set across the country and played a deep cut off it called “Havana Moon” for the crowd.

Stay tuned for more previously unaired material from the staff panel later this week.