PHOTOS: Tan Mom Battles ‘Pale Mom’ in Pay-Per-View Beauty Competition

See who received the winning makeover

July 25, 2018
Pale Mom and Tan Mom Pale Mom and Tan Mom Photo: Shutterstock

After weeks of anticipation, a round of lip injections, and a full makeover, Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil was crowned champion over her opponent “Pale Mom” in RVN TV’s Beauty Battle NJ.

Reporting on the event for Howard was none other than JD Harmeyer who sacrificed $12 to order the pay-per-view special not once, but twice after his stream crashed prior to the official results being announced.

Leading into the battle, he explained, Tan Mom reflected on the significance of the event. “I’m so excited about this battle of the beauty, beauty of the battle actually,” she said in a promo. “The transformation is about a lot of makeup, which I’ve never worn in my life, but always tried to apply.”

Tan Mom was even on her best behavior throughout the special evening. “I think they were relying on Tan Mom to be angry, crazy Tan Mom,” Howard said. “But Tan Mom was in a good mood that night.”

Shuli Egar added that it seemed like the event staff even tried to goad her into conflict a few times. “They’re trying to turn Bruce Banner into the Hulk,” he joked.

Unfazed, Tan Mom instead went so far as to offer sincere praise for her opponent.

“She’s like Miss Congeniality,” Robin remarked with a laugh.

And in the end, her good attitude and new look earned Tan Mom the Beauty Battle crown. Check out photos of Tan Mom’s winning makeover (below).

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock