VIDEO: Benjy Bronk Is Back and Screaming in ‘Sharknado 6’

Howard also notices the Stern Show staffer is once again wearing a hat in the film

August 15, 2018

The sixth and final installment of Syfy’s “Sharknado” series spins onto TV Sunday night and the Stern Show’s own Benjy Bronk will be back to show off his acting chops in the new film. Benjy has now been in all but the first “Sharknado” and Howard noticed two things about each and every one of his cameo appearances: he’s always screaming and he’s always wearing a hat.

“He just yells … 99 percent of Benjy’s acting is just screaming,” Howard said with a laugh.

Indeed, Benjy’s 2018 “Sharknado” scene is him shouting as the killer storm surrounds him. He also lets out a loud “Baba Booey” for good measure.

As for why he wears his hat in every film no matter if his character is a homeless man or a serious news reporter, Benjy admitted he thinks he’s more attractive with it covering his head. “I do like the way I look in a hat better than without a hat,” he told Howard. “I wanted to look as good as I could in that scene.”

Howard understood why Benjy wears the hat but argued there’s no way it would stay on with a tornado of sharks blowing by him. “I go for a walk with my wife on just a windy day and my hat blows off,” he joked.

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