AUDIO: Sarah Silverman, Whitney Cummings, and Sharon Osbourne Star in ‘Lady Private Parts’

New parody also stars David Spade and Nick Cannon as “Mr. Robin Quivers”

September 10, 2018
Photo: Shutterstock/The Howard Stern Show

From “Ghostbusters” to the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise, all-female reboots have been all the rage in Hollywood recently. So why not have a woman take over as the lead in Howard’s critically acclaimed film “Private Parts”?

“Here’s a commercial for the new movie ‘Lady Private Parts,’” Howard told Robin before playing a reimagining of what his film would be like if they reshot it with Stern Show regular Sarah Silverman (below).

“Don’t tell anyone but I’m really insecure about my huge vagina,” Sarah says as female Howard.

Playing the part of Fred Norris is another familiar voice – Sharon Osbourne, who visited the Stern Show earlier in September. After Sarah and Sharon land at WNBC in New York, they meet their greatest foe in programming director Pig Virus, played by Whitney Cummings.

It’s not all women in the film, though. Taking on the role of Mr. Robin Quivers is none other than Nick Cannon who tells female Howard, “one time I did anal over a sink.” Finally, Stern Show celebrity superfan David Spade makes a cameo appearance as a devoted listener who’s willing to turn his speaker over and sit on it.

“Watch this Robin,” Sarah says before taking David for a wild ride.

Listen to the full audio of “Lady Private Parts” (above).