VIDEO: Memet Walker Wants to Take Over for Gary Dell’Abate as the Stern Show’s Executive Producer

“I bring a different energy,” he explains while telling Howard why he’s qualified for the job

September 25, 2018

It seems someone on the Stern Show has been gunning for Gary Dell’Abate’s job. Howard revealed on Tuesday morning how Memet Walker recently came to him in private and proposed he take over some of the executive producer responsibilities usually handled by Gary, including deciding who can and cannot go into the studio to speak on air.

“I’m not saying Gary is bad, I’m saying I’m good,” Memet said. “I bring a different energy. It’s a younger energy.”

Howard wanted to know if Gary was at all insulted to learn Memet had gone behind his back to steal his job. “Insulted, no. Surprised that a guy that’s been here for a very short time thinks he can understand you better than someone who’s been here for over 35 years,” Gary replied.

“I know all about the show. I’m very passionate,” Memet said confidently.

He also listed the many qualifications he thinks might make him a better E.P. than Dell’Abate: he’s more economical, he has a demonstrated leadership ability, and he has a more impressive alma mater than Gary does, though they each have a 121 I.Q. score.

Memet also indicated he could even take over for Gary as co-host of the Wrap Up Show. “Rahsaan, Jon Hein, and I, we have a great rapport,” Walker claimed.

Though Howard seemed open to giving Memet a tryout as his executive producer, he quickly reversed course later in the show after the young staffer interrupted an audio clip being played only to offer Howard a suggestion he didn’t want to take.

“Yeah, you’re not right for that job. Gary’s safe,” Howard proclaimed.