Donut Holes Cause Confusion and Chaos in the Stern Show Back Office

Free food leads to Ronnie Mund reportedly screaming at his co-workers

September 25, 2018

Howard’s staff came into work on Tuesday to find an assortment of donut holes waiting for them. But did they also find a hole in the Stern Show’s security?

Ronnie Mund, the man in charge of making sure only safe food winds up in the Stern Show compound, had no idea who brought the sweet treats in when Jason Kaplan inquired where the donut holes came from. It wasn’t long before Ronnie was reportedly screaming at him for asking the question.

“Jason said, ‘Isn’t it your job to know so that we don’t eat poisoned food?’ And then Ronnie went from 0 to 60,” Gary Dell’Abate recalled for Howard on the air.

Ronnie then entered the studio to tell his side of the story. “They’re all stuffing their faces with these donuts already. Then, at a quarter after eight they’re asking me who brought the donuts,” he said. “They’re not being poisoned … because I ate one at 6 o’clock and I’m not dead.”

Though Ronnie assumed Jason was trying to be confrontational, Jason told him that was hardly the case. “I would like to thank whoever brought them in,” he explained. “I was surprised that Ronnie had no idea how a bunch of food ended up on our ledge.”

Jason wasn’t the only staffer Ronnie yelled at, either. Chris Wilding said he was an innocent bystander who got blindsided by Ronnie’s wrath. “I came back from the bathroom, I didn’t know anything had gone on, he starts yelling at me, ‘Did you fucking bring these? Are these your donuts?’” Wilding said. “It was bedlam.”

As it turned out, a staffer named Steve was the person nice enough to bring donut holes in for his colleagues to enjoy. Little did he know his kind gesture would cause such a scene.