Brent Hatley Shows Off His New Joker Tattoo and Talks to His Alter Ego

“It could be Jesus with all those robes,” Robin Quivers says of the ink

October 17, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Brent Hatley’s arms are filling up with new tattoos at a rapid pace ever since the Stern Show staffer announced his decision to get new ink each month. And by Wednesday, word had spread around the office of a large new piece on Brent’s right arm.

“Brent, get in here,” Robin Quivers, who hadn’t yet seen the latest addition, demanded.

The new art depicts a version of the Joker and joins a growing collection of supervillains on Brent’s right sleeve which also includes Bizarro from Superman. He said he plans on adding fellow Batman foe Bane in the coming months, too.

Unlike some co-workers, Robin was unimpressed with the tat. “It could be Jesus with all those robes,” she joked.

Along with the villains on his right arm, Brent revealed he also has a theme on his left. “I’ve got Blackbeard’s flag here and the anarchy symbol underneath,” he pointed out.

The meaning behind those tattoos? “It’s basically just, you know, fuck the laws and fuck these people. I’m going to do my own thing,” he explained.

While his co-workers didn’t quite understand where he was going with it, one person was in total agreement with the message: Brent’s alter ego who called in live to support him.

Hear Brent chat it up with “Brent” (below):