VIDEO: Gary Dell’Abate Felt Uncomfortable at Dinner With Ronnie Mund but Will They Get Along at the Upcoming Jazz Club Outing?

Some on the Stern Show plan to take Ronnie out for his 69th birthday

October 17, 2018

Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate has long wanted to be invited to hang out with his co-workers Jon Hein, JD Harmeyer, and Ronnie Mund. But on Tuesday’s Wrap Up Show he admitted after going to dinner with them recently, one person in the group left him feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

“I just said that I thought Ronnie was acting a little weird that night,” Gary told Howard on Wednesday. “It was almost like we were still on the air … he was very wound up that night.”

Howard revealed Ronnie heard every word of Gary’s on-air assessment of their meal together and was none too pleased.

“I apologize to him for making him uncomfortable,” a visibly irate Ronnie said in studio.

Jon and JD backed Ronnie up, saying he was just being himself during dinner. And now the question on everyone’s mind is: will Gary show up to celebrate Ronnie’s birthday at an upcoming jazz club outing?

Several on staff found it odd that Ronnie would want to ring in his 69th year at a venue like that but Steve Brandano explained the idea was all his. He thought a night out at a jazz club made sense after Ronnie expressed an interest in some jazz piano music he was listening to one morning.

“It was a weird day where I was listening to piano music in the green room and Ronnie came in and was like, ‘You like this stuff?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, you like this stuff?’ And he was like, ‘I’ve been to jazz clubs a couple times,’” Steve told Howard.

In addition to not enjoying Ronnie’s behavior out in public, Gary admitted he also wasn’t a fan of jazz music. For now, though, he told Howard he plans on going to the club along with Ronnie’s other work friends, Jon and JD.

“What a cool hang,” Robin said with a laugh.

“Sounds like a nightmare,” Howard joked.