AUDIO: Speech Impediment Man Scores Third Place in a Stand-Up Comedy Competition

Hear one of the frequent Stern Show caller’s more popular jokes

October 22, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After phoning in for advice from the King of All Media on his stand-up comedy routine, frequent Stern Show caller Speech Impediment Man dialed in again on Monday to report he had scored third place in a comedy competition.

Dressed in his signature red and blue Superman costume, Speech Impediment Man attempted to entertain the audience with jokes about being a superhero, getting pulled over by the police, and giving oral sex.

While not every punchline was met with applause, Howard thought there was one joke about a 911 operator which seemed to work. Hear tape of Speech Impediment Man telling it (below):

“He does have the ability to do something funny,” Robin noted. “He has material … he just keeps going in the wrong direction.”

Still, there is at least one person totally entertained. “If you notice, he keeps cracking himself up,” Howard observed.

Congratulations on the progress, Speech Impediment Man!