Show Rundown: October 23, 2018

Dean Cain chimes in on the Ronnie Mund photo controversy

October 23, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Howard checked back in with Ronnie Mund Tuesday morning on the heels of the shocking discovery he has been using a photo of his face edited onto actor Dean Cain’s body to promote personal appearances for years.

And while Ronnie was still defensive about the matter at hand, he did admit after talking to his fiancée Stephanie that she had warned him not to use the photo when it was first discovered many years back—though he claimed he did not realize even then it was Cain’s body.

The confusion was not shared by Cain himself, who tweeted confirmation of the match in response to the story.

Even with the evidence in hand, Ronnie refused to back down from his criticism of staffer Chris Wilding, who brought the photo to Howard’s attention. “I don’t like being called a liar,” Ronnie said.

Gary Dell’Abate intervened to clarify that Chris had simply called out Ronnie after he had initially denied the photo was altered, but Howard’s limo driver only seemed to become more incensed.

Gary also revealed he’s decided to back out of the upcoming staff jazz club outing with Ronnie. This was no surprise to the soon-to-be 69-year-old who shot back he had already heard the Stern Show executive producer complaining about it.

Looking to reach a conclusion on the altered photo incident, Howard simply told his audience to beware of the posters Ronnie has continued to tweet out. “Ronnie catfished you,” he joked.