VIDEO: Richard Christy’s Halloween Obsession Has Led to Some Peculiar Behavior

The Stern Show staffer details his 22nd annual visit to Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

October 29, 2018

Richard Christy attended Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios for the 22nd year in a row recently and told Howard on Monday his well-documented obsession with the spooky holiday hasn’t waned one bit.

The Stern Show staffer spent three days in Florida attending each of the 10 haunted houses every night for a total of 30 spine-tingling experiences with his wife. Richard ranked nine of the ten houses his “favorite,” noting he hadn’t seen the movie the 10th house was based on.

The Halloween-themed activities weren’t only reserved for the dark, either. Richard spent his days soaking up some sun at his hotel pool while reading the Halloween edition of Woman’s Day Magazine to the soundtrack of cannibals eating people and the aptly titled SCREAM Radio on SiriusXM.

“They put out the best Halloween editions,” Richard said of the women’s lifestyle magazine, adding he also likes the tips from Martha Stewart and Sandra Lee.

“You’re a guy who goes to every weird thing and anything you do normal, you have to weird it up,” Robin Quivers responded with a laugh.

Despite his love for drinking, Richard maintained he did not get inebriated while attending the haunted houses. “I got a little buzzed, but I wanted to remember it and enjoy it,” he said.

Additionally, Richard will be running the New York City Marathon on Sunday and told Howard he had to wake up early every morning to train.

While Howard was flabbergasted by the lengths to which Richard continues to celebrate his favorite holiday, the staffer remained steadfast in his obsession: “I’m a Halloweenie, what can I say?”

Moreover, Richard didn’t even contemplate a hypothetical offer of $10,000 to never celebrate the holiday again. “No way. It would take a million at least,” he asserted.