QUIZ: Play the Tan Mom Sex Term Game

Guess what the Wack Packer said when asked to define each of these sex terms

November 7, 2018
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  • 1. What’s the missionary position?

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    • “Looking for opportunity”

    • “Having sex with the man on top of the woman”

  • 2. What’s gonorrhea?

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    • “Even worse than diarrhea”

    • “A disease that spreads such as AIDS”

  • 3. What’s a sphincter?

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    • “A man’s penis”

    • “Your asshole”

  • 4. What is the cowgirl position?

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    • “A woman that wants to have sex with a horse”

    • “When a woman is on top of a man in bed”

  • 5. What does bareback mean?

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    • “When you bend over and a man is on top pounding her”

    • “Sex without a condom”

  • 6. What does ‘tossing one’s salad’ mean?

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    • “When a man or a woman put food on their bodies and eat it off”

    • “Licking someone’s butt”

  • 7. What is a French kiss?

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    • “When you kiss but you have a weird accent”

    • “When a man and a woman have passionate, wet kisses and the tongue goes down the mouth”

  • 8. What does ‘camel toe’ mean?

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    • “The bottom of a foot”

    • “When you can see someone’s privates in tight pants”

  • 9. What Is a Heterosexual?

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    • “When two men get together and want to fuck”

    • “A person who’s attracted to someone not their gender”

  • 10. What Are Labia?

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    • “A woman that walks up to a guy and says … she wants to get laid”

    • “The folds of your vagina”

  • 11. What is Morning Wood?

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    • “When you have sex on the breakfast table”

    • “When a man wakes up with a hard-on”

  • 12. What’s a Golden Shower?

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    • “When a man comes all over a woman’s back”

    • “When a man pees on you”

  • 13. What’s Bondage?

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    • “When you have massive and insane sex with a bail bondsman”

    • “When a man or a woman tie each other up and they have massive and insane sex together”

  • 14. What Is a Clitoris?

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    • “The tip of your vagina”

    • “When you tan in the nude”

  • 15. What is a nymphomaniac?

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    • “Somebody who can’t get enough sex”

    • “Somebody who is really flexible in bed”

  • 16. What Is a Blumpkin?

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    • “Getting pleasured on the toilet”

    • “Somebody’s breasts that are too big”

  • 17. What Is a Blowjob?

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    • “Sucking on your boyfriend’s dick”

    • “Sucking on your boyfriend’s nose”

  • 18. What Is Necrophilia?

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    • “When a man or a woman likes to suck on a person’s neck”

    • “When a man or a woman likes to have sex with dead people”

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