AUDIO: Michael Rapaport’s Trash Talking Continues After Winning the Regular Season in Stern Show Fantasy Football

Actor also tells Howard he bought wolf urine to ward off stray cats from coming in his yard

December 3, 2018
Photo: Shutterstock

Next week the Stern Show Fantasy Football playoffs will kick off with a familiar face as the top seed of the tournament – Michael Rapaport and his Team RapaportsDeLite. For the third straight year, Rapaport can boast about being the regular season champion and boast he did during Monday’s Stern Show. Staffer Brent Hatley, who came in second place in the standings, told Howard he’s been taking a lot of trash talk from Rapaport lately.

“He tries to bully people and get loud … you just can’t let him push you,” Brent said.

“Shut that fucking loser mouth,” Rapaport shot back over the phone.

With his team looking at a first-round playoff bye, Rapaport told Howard the guys on the Stern Show don’t show him the respect he deserves when it comes to his fantasy football skills. “Your guys, when I’m down … they want to kick me, they want to humiliate me, and they want to shame me,” Michael explained. “But when I’m winning … when I’m on the top of the mountain naked, fucking, no one wants to give me the credit that’s due.”

“There’s no trophies for the regular season, for the record,” Brent replied, reminding him he hasn’t won the championship yet.

Gary Dell’Abate is no stranger to Rapaport’s skewering but the Stern Show’s executive producer actually stuck up for his fantasy football foe this morning, telling Howard he has undoubtedly noticed improvement in how Rapaport plays the online game.

“When he started, his kid was clearly running the team,” Gary told Howard. “To his credit, he studied and he knows what he’s talking about now.”

“Thank you, Gorilla Teeth,” Rapaport told Gary.

While he’s on a winning streak in fantasy football, Rapaport is currently losing his war against a few stray cats who have moved into his backyard. The problem has gotten so bad, Beth Stern even offered him some advice on how to ward off the feral felines – put out wolf urine.

“I went online, per her recommendation, and spent $193 on wolf piss,” Rapaport told Howard. It seems the cats aren’t so scared of wolves, however, as they continue to hang out in Rapaport’s yard and around his pool. “They don’t care about the wolf piss and now I have two bags left of wolf piss in my garage.”