AUDIO: Shuli Egar Proves to Be a Master of Wack Pack Impressions

Stern Show staffer imitates Tan Mom, High Pitch Erik, Low Pitch Erik, Fred the Elephant Boy, Jeff the Drunk, and even renowned comedian Bobcat Goldthwait

December 3, 2018

Shuli Egar is renowned for his hard-hitting reporting on the Wack Pack and it seems the years of dedication to his task have left the Stern Show staffer with an impressive collection of spot-on impressions.

“Boy, haven’t you turned into the Rich Little of useless impressions?” Howard remarked with a laugh on Monday.

Shuli showcased his range, switching seamlessly between Tan Mom, High Pitch Erik (and Low Pitch Erik), Jeff the Drunk, and Underdog. “I’m like Donnie Brasco, I’m in too deep,” he joked.

“You could do a Wack Pack one-man show,” Howard praised.

It’s not only Wack Packers, either. Shuli also broke into his impression of comedian and “Police Academy” star Bobcat Goldthwait. Before working for the Stern Show, Shuli was simply a fan and recalled how he would utilize the imitation to phone in. “I used to call in years ago with Bobcat poems to you guys,” he reminded Howard.

Shuli’s impressions will come in handy if one venue gets its wish of hosting “An Evening With Tan Mom.” The Wack Packer recently confided in Shuli she was asked to perform live, but wanted him to back her up in case she forgot the lyrics to her song.

Whether or not the two end up performing, Howard announced fans of “Free 2 Be Me” will be able to watch the song’s official music video debuting soon on the SiriusXM app.

“It’s epic on so many levels,” Shuli said of the video, which Tan Mom filmed with producer Adam Barta in a mansion in Florida. “She’s all glammed out.”

Stay tuned for the video’s official debut on the SiriusXM app.