Stern Show Caller Bianca Tells Howard and Robin Why She Likes Being Choked in Bed

“It turns me on to be submissive,” she confesses live on the air

December 5, 2018
Photo: Shutterstock

Struggling to breathe while having sex may not sound like a good time to everyone, but a Stern Show caller named Bianca phoned in on Wednesday to explain to Howard and Robin why she actually enjoys being choked in bed. She and her husband have been married 11 years now and from time to time, they’ll mix up their lovemaking with some light asphyxiation.

“There’s some times where I like to be submissive. Like, it turns me on to be submissive,” Bianca said.

Her husband is sure to never choke her too hard but she assured Howard she can “tap him out on the shoulder” if things ever get too rough. “I don’t want to pass out,” Bianca said.

Robin, who claimed she’s never wanted to try anything like this with a man, worried it might be dangerous. “He could have an accident, lose his balance, and the next thing you know he’s crushed her windpipe,” she supposed.

Bianca is willing to take her chances, though. She also confessed to having a few other bedroom kinks like being spanked, having her hair pulled, and even being called names. However, she draws the line at being humiliated and told Howard she wouldn’t enjoy crawling around eating food off the floor while her husband watches.

As for if she’s ever been with another woman, she has and very recently.

“We went to a sex club a few weeks ago, too. So, that was interesting,” Bianca told Howard.

Just like Stern Show staffer Brent Hatley and his wife, it sounds like Bianca and her husband are very open to getting down with other girls. Bianca revealed they’re even members of a website where they find other women interested in hooking up. So far they’ve matched with a few females who have come across Bianca and her husband’s online profile and are now “regulars” in their bedroom.

“At first I was kind of, like, what if somebody sees this?” Bianca said of her initial concern of putting a photo of her face on the website. “But if they’re on the website, they’re as much of a freak as I am.”

“I’ve never been into this kind of thing … I always had this fear that, you know, the women would fall in love with each other and leave me out,” Howard joked.