PHOTO: Ronnie the Limo Driver Doubles Down on Backdoor Fun With New Sex Toy Review

“It looks like a little jackhammer,” he describes of the product

April 2, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie Mund’s pegging experience may have occurred years ago, but on Monday Howard’s limo driver revealed he recently took a 9.29-inch long anal vibrator for a test run in order to put together a new sex toy review.

Enlisting the help of his fiancée Stephanie, Ronnie dedicated one special weekend night to seeing what he could do with the Earth Quaker Anal Vibe. He kicked things off on his back with his feet in the air and a porn video playing in the background. While the product’s description touts a “gently rounded tip for easy insertion,” Ronnie explained he had a hard time taking it in on first attempt without any lube. “It looks like a little jackhammer,” he described.

Not one to quit, Ronnie retrieved some assistance and got right back to work. The toy (above) features graduated beads, which increase in size the deeper it goes. Ronnie reported that he probably only got two notches deep, which was enough for him. “It was all about getting it to the prostate … because it’s supposed to be really cool,” he explained.

Despite the lack of depth, Ronnie admitted to getting worked up utilizing the vibrator’s top speeds. “First she put it on low speed … then she increased it to the medium, and then she went and put it on high — and that’s when it really felt good. And then she tried the pulsating,” he recounted.

“Oh my goodness, you’re rough,” Robin Quivers said with a laugh.

In fact, there was only one part of the experience Ronnie was not a fan of. After finishing up, Stephanie simply shut the vibrator off and popped it right out to his surprise. “Don’t let him or her just yank it out of your ass because man that’s going to hurt,” he warned anyone else looking to give the toy a try.

Miraculously, though, and despite the rough exit, Ronnie maintained his toy came out as clean as a whistle — a fact his coworker Chris had to dispute based on his own experiences with men who go so far as to fast and cleanse their bottoms before engaging in sexual activities. “There’s at least some truffle butter,” Chris argued.

Still, Ronnie remained adamant: “He doesn’t know what my ass is like!”